Welcome To Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. (for short: TFO)!


TFO core value
TFO commits itself to be an excellent employer with a value of trust, Open communication, creativity and 


Human resources policy
In TFO, we have continued to help staff to enhance their skills, and promote them to a higher level.
Team spirit and reasonable incentive policy drive employees to continuous development. 

Join us
TFO has become a worldwide first class manufacturer of optical fibre and cable through nearly 20 years of 

development with all staffs’ contribution. As TFO develop rapidly and strengthen continuously its 

capability of research, production and sales, we are looking forward to your join and grow together 

with TFO. 

Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. 蘇ICP備11030802號
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