Welcome To Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. (for short: TFO)!

TFO Profile

Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. (for short: TFO), a full subsidiary of TKH Group N.V. in the

Netherlands,  was founded in 1998. Up till now the total investment in TFO is $127.80 million. The company

is located in  the Nanjing High-tech Industry Development Zone and covers a land area of 50,000 m2.

TFO is an integrated  high-tech manufacturer of optical fibre, cable and connectivity. The TFO products

are widely used by telecom  operators, in electric power networks and in specialized communication systems,

nowadays largely exported to  markets in Europe and Southeast Asia.

All production facilities were supplied by world-famous manufacturers, thus ensuring first class optical fibre & 

cable manufacturing technology. In 2010 a joint venture was set up with Shin-Etsu for the manufacturing of 

single mode preforms in Jiang yin (Jiangsu). At present the output of TFO exceeds 9 million fibre kilometers 

per year, while the annual cable capacity has mounted to about 90,000 sheath kilometers. 

The products of TFO range from single mode G.652 and G.657 series of fibre , ADSS cable, OPGW cable, 

FTTx and trunk cable, to cable designs for special applications. TFO provides her cables with full technical 

support and services and supplies a complete range of cable accessories. Since 1999 TFO is one of the

largest manufacturers in the Chinese ADSS market, and holds the record of longest span of Chinese ADSS

cable projects (1500 m), currently successfully operating nearly twenty years. Catering for changing

markets, TFO successfully developed its own multimode fibre, introduced a new indoor cable series in 2002

and  marketed OPGW cables in year 2003. In 2009, TFO introduced ACE, the total FTTx solution of TKH,

in Chinese FTTx market. To meet the increasing demand for low bend sensitive fibre, driven by the FTTx

market  developments, TFO introduced the G.657 fibre in 2006 and 200 μm fibre types in 2011. In 2014

a G.652.D type for long distance applications was developed as well as a G.657.B3 fibre.

TFO always complies with our quality policy "Continue to pursue excellent quality, offer the best products

and services in order to realize customer needs and satisfaction".TFO strictly follows the ISO 9001 quality

management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the OHSAS 18001

occupational health and safety management system. It introduced and implemented 5S, Six Sigma,

VSM and other advanced quality management tools and methods.

TFO, as world-class manufacturer of optical fibre, cable and connectivity products, grows together with its 

employees,establishes strategic partnerships with its customers and gives all its efforts to support the 

world-wide development of optical fibre communications.     

Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. 蘇ICP備11030802號
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